Travel preparations:
Whenever I travel I try to get the most comfort for the best price. Luckily I’m traveling quite a lot for my job so I have gathered some experiences which I use in planning my casino trips.
The ideal trip is one that (at the end) costs little to nothing or even leaves you with a positive balance when you come back home.
Unfortunately in this world nothing comes for free at least not at first sight.
That’s why I think about how much money I’m willing to spend at the beginning of planning every new journey. This consideration consists of two parts:
– Travel and hotel budget
– Casino venture capital

Travel and hotel budget is clearly the money I’m willing to spend for the flights and for accommodation and casino venture capital is the amount of money I could live with loosing in a casino.
Then I start looking for cheap flights to the destination I have chosen. Therefore I often use miles to purchase tickets or I look for sales promotions or error fares (low price tickets that sometimes are bookable if an airline makes a mistake). There are some helpful websites that are explaining in detail how to efficiently use these tools to get cheap flights.
With a little luck and good timing there is a good chance to get business or even first class flights for the same money as a regular eco ticket.

Choosing the hotel it makes sense to search for something close to the casino as that’s the point of interest. Many casinos are either located in a hotel or have cooperations with hotels including services like free shuttles to the casino. Also there often are promotion prices and special offers for casino guests.

After booking flights and hotel it gets to the tricky part: Multiplying your money in the casino. Everybody knows the saying “the house always wins” and if that wasn’t true there would not be a single casino in the world.
So I normally try to focus only on some table games and on good opportunities in combination with disciplined betting to get the chance to make some profits. I will comment on my favorite games and strategies in a separate chapter.
According to my experiences leaving a casino with profit works at an average of 2 out of 3 visits.
In case I don’t win I spend my venture capital which I already considered as “sunk costs”.
At the end for me the objective is not getting rich but rather financing the travel and hotel costs whenever I go on a new journey. For me this is the most exciting way to explore new destinations.IMG_0392