In January 2012 I visited the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas or just “Cosmo” for the first time. The hotel opened in 2010, it is located at the heart of the strip next to the Bellagio.

We had booked a regular room and were upgraded to a wraparound tarrace suite which was really fantastic as we had booked 5 nights. The reason for the upgrade was most probably that we arrived late at 10 PM and apparently they had no more regular rooms available. Even though we had to wait 30 minutes until we finally got the suite, the upgrade was definitely worth the waiting time. Wraparound terrace suites start at 345,-$ per night where the regular room rate was 225,-$.

The stylish hotel with its modern ambience and nice rooms made a good impression at first sight and so I was curious to further explore the location.

Checked in, we headed to the casino area. I signed up for the Identity reward program which offers rewards for points collected by playing in the casino or money spent at the hotel restaurants and shops. The Cosmopolitan is part of the Autograph Collection so you can transfer Identity points into Marriott Reward points or vice versa.

The 100.000 square foot casino has everything you might expect in a Vegas casino from table games to slots. My favorite casino game is roulette but I have to admit that I was more successful playing slots there. At the end of the stay I was even with wins and losses but by that time they had a lottery where you could participate with your Identity points. Guess what, I won a 500$ Apple gift card. So at the end of the stay I went out with at least 500$ on the plus side.

What I also have to mention are the nice restaurants and bars. Of course Las Vegas has so many great restaurants but for me the rstaurants at the hotel I’m staying in are always more important because it’s normally the first location you go for breakfast after getting up. Nobody wants to start the day with a bad breakfast and I really have to point out that the buffet at the Wicked Spoon was truely amazing.

Besides that, the Cosmo also has a big pool area with private cabanas and a fully equipped gym including a boxing ring. In January the pool insn’t that much a place to hang out but in the summer months you can hang out at the pool with a great view on the Las Vegas strip.

At the moment the Cosmo offers great deals for Identity members with 4 complimentary nights and 180,-$ in Identity play:



In October 2015 I spent 4 nights in Vagas and even though we were staying at the Palms we went to the Cosmopolitan every day even for breakfast.


Bottom line:

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is one of my favorite hotels in sin city. If you are looking for a modern and luxurious accommodation in the middle of the vibrant Vegas strip, it’s definitely worth a visit. The Identity program in combination with Marriott Rewards make it also a good use of points.


















The Cosmopolitan of La Vegas




























View from the balcony of a wraparound terrace suite

































Cabanas at the pool




One of the 2 pool areas


















Boxing ring at the Cosmo


















The Chandelier bar at the Cosmopolitan. The chandelier consists of 2 million crystals.


















Dessert buffet at the Wicked Spoon restaurant


















































Identity tombola price 500$ Apple gift card