Vegas will always be one of my favorite travel destinations. The city has a great energy and offers tons of fun activities and of course is the Mecca of casino entertainment. You have to love the hotels, the casinos the partys and the lush life there. This time I got to see 10 hotels which I will be reviewing now one by another.
Even if Macao is now way bigger than Las Vegas in terms of turnover, Vegas still has more charm. I will write an up to date comparison of the two cities once I’m back from the Macao trip in January.
In October I spent 5 days exploring hotels and casinos in Vegas. Here are some of my impressions:

The Cosmo is one of my favorite hotels in Vegas. It’s hip look and modern style make it a great place to spend time. It has 2995 rooms and suites and is located on the heart of the strip next to the Bellagio at the aria resort. It also has two nice pool areas, one of them with a direct view on the Strip.
Even though I wasn’t really successful in gambling there this time I still had a great fun. They have a great restaurant called the wicked spoon which offers a really big variety of foods for brunch. By the time being there the hotel rates were quite high, 380,-$ per night for a standard room, that was the reason why I was not staying there hotel this time.



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The palms has really good room rates of around US$100 per night which was in average $200-$300 less than the other big hotels at the strip.
It is more of a standard Hotel not top-notch but still good to stay at. The resort consists of 3 towers. Ivory and Fantasy tower and the Palms Place which is the newest and was opened in 2008. They have a nice bar called the ghost bar on the highest floor of the ivory tower with a spectacular view of the Strip. Also the restaurants are really good. We had a Tomahawk steak for two at the “Nine” restaurant which was really great. The casino was not so nice, I had the impression it was a little bit shady compared to the other big casinos on the strip.
They only offer a few table games especially not enough roulette tables.
We were staying at the Palms Place in a nice studio suite on the 52nd floor. They also have nice penthouses with jacuzzis on the balconies. In the Fantasy tower they have one of the world’s most expensive suits which even has a room with a basketball field.
There are 2 pool areas, one main pool with a day club and a smaller pool on level 6 of the Palms Place. Both nothing special but I liked the main pool more than the smaller one because the chairs were in a better condition and it has a day club.



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The Bellagio is also one of the Vegas classics. It’s fountain show attracts thousands of tourists every day. The hotel has a charming Italian flair and the huge casino offers everything a gambler could ask for.
You can only access the pool if you show your room key
Cesars Palace
The Cesars Palace is one of the best known hotels on the strip. It became famous through the movies Hangover 1 and 3 and is also huge.
I particularly like the big pool area in the center of the resort. As we went through all the casinos on the strip this pool was a great oasis to relax and gather new energy. Even though we were not staying in the Cesars Palace we could go to the pool and get chairs without any problems. On the last day I rented a cabana which included soft drinks and a fresh fruit platter.
Also the casino is quite nice and offers table games starting at 10,-$.


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The Wyn and the Encore together have 4750 rooms and suites. The two towers have a modern appearance and offer great interior design, shops, 2 pools and also 2 big casino areas.


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The Venetian together with the Palazzo has 7117 rooms and suites and is the largest hotel complex in Las Vegas so far.


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New York
We only had a short walk through the casino of the New York. Nothing special, medium sized casino with mainly slots. No big variety of table games. It makes a rather cheap impression.


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